The Big 2018 Bucket List

Summer is coming and I have been making plans left and right. Micah and my dad keep telling me to slow my roll and pick one thing at a time. However, I am a dreamer and dreamers dream. To help make the summer of 2018 the most epic summer yet, I am writing down all... Continue Reading →

Taking a Day for Nothing but Play!

Yesterday, we took a day for nothing but play. Don't get me wrong, we play with Wilder everyday, but yesterday we took playing to the next level. Lately, Wilder seems unamused with his wooden blocks, crayons, and shapes. We have tried taking more walks and taking some time each night to dance, which he loves,... Continue Reading →

A Weekend In Lapland

It would be crazy to live in Finland and not visit Lapland. Known for its snow castles, reindeer rides, and aurora sightings, Lapland is a magical winter wonderland. I could not resist. Micah and I debated whether we would be able to swing it on our budget, but in the end, we decided it was... Continue Reading →

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