Protect Your Water, Protect Your Mother

When I started this blog (yesterday), I knew that I wanted to stay away from politics. This is a blog that focuses on the happiness and challenges that come with motherhood.  However, as this week with a new president unfolds, I can’t help but feel defeated. Defeated, because my reproductive rights have been taken away by a group of men. Defeated, because water is life, and we can’t seem protect it.

Fishing is one of the staples of Micah and I’s relationship. He taught me how to fish, and ever since, it has been a favorite activity of ours. Before I was pregnant, we went every other weekend in the Spring and Summer. Even if the fish weren’t biting, we could take our dogs for walk along the river or hop in for a swim.

Fishing at Golden Trout Lake, Big Sky, MT

You could say that these weekend water activities are what helped inspire me to be an Outdoor Adventure Leadership Major. Micah is a natural when it comes to fishing. I was looking to improve my skills as an outdoorsman (woman?) and possibly make a career out of it. I have not regretted my choice of major, although some may say it is silly. I get to take fly fishing this semester and swift water rescue in the summer. I am doing what I love in an environment that makes me feel calm and exhilarated all at once.

Which brings me to the Keystone XL Pipeline. Today, Donald Trump approved the major construction of the long disputed, 1,200 mile pipeline that will stretch from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada (including parts of North Eastern Montana). Although, this pipeline will provide thousands of jobs, it could have a major impact on our environment, especially our water sources.  If a major, or even minor, leak or spill happens, you can kiss the surrounding native species of fish and other wildlife goodbye. Not to mention, contaminating our once clean drinking water.

I want my son to feel the same thing that I felt the first time that Micah took me fishing. I want him to never feel thirst, because he doesn’t have access to clean drinking water. If these pipelines had a better track record with keeping our rivers clean and eliminating harm to the environment, I probably wouldn’t feel this upset. But the pipelines don’t have the best history of transporting oil without spills or leaks into our lakes and rivers. The polluted water and wildlife killed everyday makes me sick to my stomach. Us mama bears need to fight to protect our water and protect our mother. Our sons and daughters are counting on us.

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