Time Management Mommy

When I first decided I wanted to write a blog, I thought I would write at least every other day. I’m over a week in and have two blog posts. Some may say I am slacking, or others might say I am a full-time college student with a baby. Regardless, free time is far and few between these days.

Being a mother is the hardest job I have ever had. Adding fifteen credits to that job, only four weeks after Wilder was born, was just insane. Last semester, I dropped two classes and felt like such a failure. Yet, I know full-time students with three kids and 4.0’s. I realized that if I wanted to succeed as a mom and a student, I would have to manage my time better. This semester I have no choice but to keep on top of my shit. Otherwise, I can say goodbye to Morocco in May and graduating on time.

However, along this crazy road, I have learned a few tricks to get things done:

  1. Keep interactive toys around the house– I bought a Johnny Jumper  for twenty dollars and it is a lifesaver. I can put him in it for at least twenty minutes at a time. He loves it. In fact, he’s in it right now. Also, we were gifted a play mat that he can reach and grab at. I don’t feel bad about setting him down when he is actively engaged and having fun. img_1734-2
  2. Forget the advice “sleep when the baby sleeps”– I say do whatever the hell you want when the baby sleeps. When the baby is napping, I am rushing to do laundry, the dishes, or an assignment. Sometimes, if we were up all night, sleep is exactly what I want to be doing while he is napping.
  3. Have a friend or family member hang out with a baby for an hour or two– This seems like a no brainer. Obviously you can get more done when you don’t have the baby. People are more likely to take your kid if it’s only for a little bit, and you would be surprised what you can get done in hour or two. This is my go to when I have a lot to do on a short deadline.
  4. Tackle some things one handed– For all you breastfeeding moms, feeding your  your baby can be exactly the quiet time you need. During this time, I can read or type assignments one handed.
  5. Set goals and reward yourself– In the mornings, I like to make lists of everything I want to get that day. If I accomplish whatever set number of them, I like to reward myself, usually with food, beer, or a bath.

    Micah and I rewarding ourselves with some pizza and beer at Local.


Well, that’s about all I’ve figured out for now. What are your tips for managing your time with a baby?

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  1. Planning is SO the key to success and ease in life. Or at least I think so. Good work coming up with this list–for yourself and others–and especially for making daily goals. I’ve found my daily goal lists to be The Ticket in keeping me on track with all the variety of experiences and responsibilities available to me. It so easy to get distracted otherwise. Also, I love hanging out with babies. I am sure you’ve got a load of friends/family to drawn on, but, just throwing it out there.


    1. Beth! Yes, sometimes my lists get a little out of control! You can hang with Wilder when you’re teaching me how to create such an awesome blog! I just started following and I have got so much reading to do! I love it!


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