Oh the Places You’ll Go, Baby!

There are two things that I have always been sure about: I want to have babies and I want to travel (in no particular order). I told Micah these things from the very beginning. Fortunately, I didn’t scare the guy away, and he was willing to provide the necessities to make a baby. Not only did he give me the most joyful gift, he gives Wilder and I all the support and love we could ever need. I never even questioned that my desire to travel would be compromised by having a family. Not once.

Recently, I have read several articles written by women my age. These blogs and articles describe their yearning to see the world, one of the main reasons they will not have children. Relatives and friends of these adventurous women ask them why they haven’t settled down and had children, and they respond with a strong willed deposition explaining that it is their body and their life. How could they possibly have children when there is so much of the world to see? While I completely agree with all of their statements about their bodies being their business completely, I couldn’t help but feel like there was a discouraging theme to these write-ups: Don’t have children if you want to travel.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. Babies are a big responsibility, and I can only imagine they can be difficult to travel with. But lately, all I can think about is traveling with my family. Currently, Micah and I are discussing moving to Finland for a few months so that I can study. And I wish nothing more than to be able to bring Wilder and Micah with me to Morocco in May. Eventually, I hope we find ourselves in Vietnam.

We don’t have much experience with international travel..yet. But I think that is the part part of this entire venture. We will be learning alongside our son. The world is a classroom and we are eager to learn and experience all it has to offer. I have always wanted to explore internationally and I think it is the best gift we can give Wilder.

Sidenote: I am so excited for Given, a movie about one family’s travel adventures,  to come out this week.  We have already pre-ordered on iTunes, and you can too! Watch the trailer here:


Does anybody have experience with traveling with their children?



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